Can you dig up all the treasure before the time runs out? What's your best time?

This is a small first-person, platforming adventure created for the Godot Wild Jam #45, with the theme "Underground".

All of the 3D models (except for the shovel) are custom artwork created for specifically for this game. The music is also completely original! The rest of the art assets are credited individually in the Credits screen in-game.

Thanks For Playing!


  • Movement = the W, A, S, D keys and MOUSE
  • Jump = the SPACE key (and HOLD to jump full height)
  • Dig = LEFT CLICK and HOLD
  • Pause = the ESC key


HTML5 Warning!

The game DOES work in HTML5 (tested with Google Chrome and Brave), but with reduced performance and less attractive visuals.

You may need to click in the game TWICE for the game to capture the mouse, and press the ESC key TWICE in order to bring up the pause menu.

However, if you have any issues, we recommend downloading one of the deskop builds!


Windows (64-bit) 59 MB
Version 3 Jun 12, 2022
Linux (64-bit) 60 MB
Version 3 Jun 12, 2022
MacOS X (64-bit) 71 MB
Version 3 Jun 12, 2022

Development log


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i suck at math :(


Jam's music makes this game so good - not that the rest isn't cool! Very simple game, but quite enjoyable! I honestly cannot think of any significant improvements/advice.

Yeah, his music is great! Thanks for the kind words :-)


Oh, I don't found one!

Great game! The beat in the song really makes the clock tick! Hahaha! 

Thanks! :-)