Retro Tank Party v1.1: Team mode, new powerups, control scheme and more!

After about two months of development, the first major update patch for Retro Tank Party is here!

Here's the highlights:

  • Four new powerups: one new weapon and three new abilities. See below!
  • Team mode available in both "Battle Royale" and "Deathmatch" when playing with 3-4 players. You can setup 2v2, 1v2 or 1v3 matches.
  • A new "Modern" control scheme to go along with the classic "Retro" scheme. New players will get the "Modern" controls by default, and existing players can select it from the settings screen. This should be a little more familiar to players who didn't grow up playing the Atari 2600. :-)
  • Gameplay improvements to "Deathmatch" mode:
    • Players respawn in random locations, so players can't camp in a predictable spot and get cheap kills.
    • Weapon powerups can optionally timeout, preventing one player from getting a sweet powerup early on and dominating the whole match.
  • Numerous little bug fixes.

The new powerups!

Now, for what you really wanted to see...

Railgun [R]

It's now the weapon with the longest range, fastest speed, and it ricochets off some obstacles. Careful not to shoot yourself, though!

Railgun powerup

Zap! [Z]

Teleport away from danger or gamble at appearing just where you need to be. This one is my favorite ability powerup :-)

Zap powerup

Invisible [I]

Get the jump on your opponents by turning invisible. Shooting, collecting a powerup or getting hit will make you momentarily visible.

Invisible powerup

Boost [B]

Catch your opponent or flee in the nick of time with a short speed boost.

Boost powerup

Happy Hunting!

This is the first update patch, but not the last! The next one is already in the works, and I've got ideas for the next couple after that. :-)



Windows (64 bit) 24 MB
Version 9 Jun 20, 2021
Linux (64 bit) 29 MB
Version 9 Jun 20, 2021
MacOS X 40 MB
Version 3 Jun 20, 2021

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