Retro Tank Party v1.2: Rollback Netcode!

After about 6 months of intense development, the biggest update EVER for Retro Tank Party is here!

Here's the highlights:

  • Completely rewritten netcode using rollback! This form of network synchronization is most commonly using in competitive fighting games, and should provide a more accurate and fair online experience. I'm planning to release the code of this netcode as an Open Source asset in the Godot asset library, and will be making a series of tutorial videos soon.
  • Completely rewritten physics using a custom deterministic physics engine. I've already released the physics engine as Open Source (MIT license) - you can find a tutorial here.

If you have serious problems with the new version, the old version is still available! To switch back on Steam, right click the game in the library, select "Properties...", go to the BETAS tab and select "old-netcode" from the drop down. If you've got the version, you can download the previous release here.

But please let me know if you have any issues, even minor ones!

I'm so excited to get this update out and in the hands of players! Please let me know what you think. :-)


Windows (64 bit) 24 MB
Version 10 Jan 01, 2022
Linux (64 bit) 29 MB
Version 10 Jan 01, 2022
MacOS X 40 MB
Version 4 Jan 01, 2022

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