You've escaped from your cell! But the wizards guarding this dungeon prison are very powerful. To have any chance of escape, you MUST free your fellow monsters to fight along side you.

Will your monster revolution succeed? It's up to you and those who choose to follow...


This game plays BEST on a GAMEPAD!


  • W, A, S, D or ARROW KEYS = move your monster
  • SPACE or ENTER = rush attack
  • TAB or SHIFT = change order for followers (ex. FOLLOW, ATTACK, NONE)
  • ESC = pause


  • D-PAD or LEFT ANALOG STICK = move your monster
  • A (Xbox) or X (PS) = rush attack
  • B (Xbox) or Circle (PS) = change order for followers (ex. FOLLOW, ATTACK, NONE)
  • START (Xbox) or Options (PS) = pause

Game Jam

This game was originally created in one week for the Godot Wild Jam #22, and released on Sunday, June 12, 2020. It has since gotten some additional minor improvments and support for more platforms (Android and Raspberry PI).


Windows 15 MB
Version 8 Jul 13, 2020
Linux 16 MB
Version 8 Jul 13, 2020
MacOS X 16 MB
Version 8 Jul 13, 2020

Development log

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Deleted post

Thanks so much for playing! I really enjoyed watching. Glad you stuck with it, even after so many deaths :-)


Game was a lot of fun! I will definitely will be playing more ;)


Wow, it's so cool that you recorded your play through! I loved watching. :-) Thanks!

Thanks for watching ! i made a part 2 but it is just me dying.... keep making good games ;) 

Really cool concept. Maybe disabling collision on the followers would have been better? I really want to see a full game from this

I think "Disabling follower collision" could be categorized into "Easy mode" in case.


By disabling collision, do you mean your allowing you to walk through your followers, or do you mean being able to attack through them? If you mean the former, you do have the ability to "push" your followers to stop them blocking you, but I think the push didn't end up getting enough force - it needs some fine tuning. :-)